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The house project

My house is a work in progress. A lot was going on when I bought this house so progress moves slow. Here are some photos as we go along. I still have a lot to do but it is getting there.

Here is the house when I got it. I had not had much done to it since it was built in 1952. First thing was first. The house was insulated, plumbing was changed to copper and all the trees cut down 

This giant tree sat right on the property line on the left. I had it taken out because it was dying and in the way of me putting in a fence

Here is where the fun starts. Notice the stencils painted on the drive! yuck. There were 50' cypress trees on either side of the drive. Gone!

Let the demolition begin. It took them 5 days with picks and shovels to rip out the driveway.

Got to love the stencils on the fence! This is the place for the new RV parking. 

Ok, I put in a 2 car drive and an RV driveway in the front. Then I got a white picket fence to cap it off